1. Set group policies so user's can't delete internet explorer history on a terminal server (2003 and 2008) and 2. How to view this history without logging in as the user. I've been looking (in windows 2008) on the file level but can't find anything. Thanks, Berne

Jul 14, 2020 · Open Internet Explorer's history by clicking the "Tools" menu at the top-right of the "Internet Explorer" window, clicking "Explorer Bars" and clicking "History." View your search history by clicking one of the time spans such as "Today" or "Last Week" in the "History" sidebar. Jun 05, 2020 · Open Internet Explorer, at the upper right, select the Tools   button, and then choose About Internet Explorer.

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Download Internet Explorer Collection - A collection that embeds multiple standalone versions of IE and gives you the freedom to select the IE builds that you want to install on your system Follow these step-by-step instructions to view internet history on Internet Explorer 8. Step 1: Open the browser and click Tools and then Internet Options. Step 2: If there’s a tick in the box next to ‘Delete browsing history on exit’, no information will have been stored. Click in the box to remove the tick – this will ensure that all Sep 26, 2013 · Looking for methods to check History in Internet Explorer® 11 on a Windows® 8.1 PC, just follow the easy steps shown in this video.

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How to Check Computer History - Tech Spirited Here, you can check the browsing data by date. Internet History Tracking. You can keep a track of Internet data in a number of ways. In Internet Explorer, there are temporary Internet files, which help in speeding up web browsing. These files can be used for tracking. Track a user's Internet Explorer History with The first thing you see when opening IEHV is a grid interface of the current user's Internet Explorer history (Figure A). As we look around, there are several toolbar buttons and a few standard