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Billing Methods | Bizfluent New freelancers and consultants must quickly decide what approach to take in billing their clients. It can be a challenging task for those who have grown used to being paid on a salary, hourly, or commission basis. The billing method used, though, depends a great deal on the type of product or service you offer. Billing procedure — AccountingTools May 16, 2017 Billing Clients: Using Time sheets or Charging Flat Fees Implementing a flat-fee structure eliminates many issues with billing your clients. Since the final dollar amount is known, you can develop a payment structure upfront, and your client knows the exact amount due on certain dates. Because your clients agree to rates upfront, there is …

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Apr 07, 2020 Best Billing and Invoicing Software | 2020 Reviews of the Organize client data, track due dates, manage staff and workflow, automate billing, and take advantage of backoffice integrations. Learn more about OfficeTools Combining dashboards and data entry into one screen users find a uniquely empowering experience where everything is just one-click away Learn more about OfficeTools

Phyllis Quinlan, Senior Manager of Client Accounting Torys LLP, New York, NY “eBillingHub is a benefit to everyone involved in the billing process, from those submitting bills, to the clients, and all the way up to our lawyers and client managers.”

Home page - Client Portal Welcome to Online Billing and Payment! You need to be logged in to access the Online Billing and Payment system. You can view your bill and pay online via this system. The Client's Guide to Law Firm Overbilling - HGExperts.com