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Safari on the Mac, iPhone, and iPad lets you remove individual items from your browser history. Here's how it works. Safari browser history won't delete - Apple Community Jul 10, 2015 How to Delete ‘Other’ Data to Free Up iPhone Storage Space If you use Safari heavily on your iPhone, you can try clearing its cache to free up the ‘Other’ data as well. It will lead to your entire browsing history, cookies, and other associated data from browsed websites being wiped away, but if you were a heavy user, this move could end up freeing quite a bit of space on your iPhone.

You won't have to delete history if there's no history to begin with. This is where the Private Browsing feature comes into play. How to Use Private Browsing? Ever since iOS 5, the iPhone users have had the chance to browse the web privately. Once you turn on this feature, Safari doesn't keep the record of any pages you visit.

Nov 12, 2018 How to Clear Safari Cache, History and Cookies on iPhone

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