So we have VPN on a certain subnet, and the nameservers are specificed as our Domain Controllers. We have the domain on a different subnet, and that seems to be working fine with our DNS servers. When I VPN in from home, the connection is established fine.

Jan 12, 2017 DNS Resolver-Not working with extra hop added after DNS Resolver-Not working with extra hop added after pfsense interface. VLANs (one of which uses a VPN through PIA) this is no longer the case as I have removed everything related to the PIA VPN, DNS resolving, an NTP server, and some NAT rules to catch outbound DNS and NTP requests and redirect it to the respective resolver/server. privacy - How does openvpn work for only certain servers On my normal vpn every traffic is routed via the vpn (as expected). But with this work vpn only the traffic that uses the work servers use the openvpn protocol. So I'm wondering how do they detect if certain traffic should be rerouted over the work vpn and which traffic should use the "normal route" over my internet provider. Others will be able to do split-DNS, and others will not. This can lead to certain problems. The guide below provides a way of checking to see if the DNS query you are doing from your OpenVPN client device, is actually making it through the VPN tunnel to the OpenVPN Access Server. And from there, of course, to the target DNS server. Our VPN does not do IPv6 but my understanding is any IPv6 resolver will take precedent over IPv4 ones. Once we disabled IPv6 on the adapters then adjusted the metrics split-tunnel DNS resumed working. If your VPN supports IPv6 this is likely not needed and if the metric adjustment by itself fixes DNS for you keep IPv6 enabled on your adapter.

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Troubleshooting Client VPN - AWS Client VPN Unable to resolve Client VPN endpoint DNS name. Problem. I am unable to resolve the Client VPN endpoint's DNS name. Cause. The Client VPN endpoint configuration file includes a parameter called remote-random-hostname.This parameter forces the client to prepend a random string to the DNS name to prevent DNS caching. networking - Problem with DNS with OpenVPN on Ubuntu 20.04 But this does not work in Ubuntu. When passing whole traffic through VPN, a record from DNS is taken. But when only server traffic goes through VPN, then DNS is not reached and I cannot access the git server via URL. When reaching via IP, it works. I tried also to add to the client config this.

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Jan 22, 2020 · It is not secure since the external DNS servers (specified for your VPN connection) can potentially see your DNS traffic (the leak of your DNS requests). You can disable the SMHNR in Windows 10 via the GPO: Computer Configuration -> Administrative Templates -> Network -> DNS Client-> Turn off smart multi-homed name resolution = Enabled. OpenVPN dns not working (windows 10 client) When the VPN is connected I can access any local or remote website/service by ip address, just not by dns. VPN disconnected. is the ip address of the pfSense box with dns resolver