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P2P Throttling. I am running uTorrent on Windows 10 Pro 64-bit using a SOCKS5 proxy to NordVPN. After a while the network traffic grinds to a halt and only resumes if I change the server or randomize the port. Is anyone else having this problem? I'm looking for a self-hosted, Windows-based rotating proxy server to address the problem. Throttling of P2P connections | MyBroadband Forum Feb 18, 2019 What Is Bandwidth Throttling? Why Does Anyone Do It?

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Restricting P2P and newsgroups is not throtleing it in any way. If noone else is using it then you would still get full speed. What Virgin are correctly doing is allocating a minimum amount of the availble bandwidth for the vast majority of users to be able to surf, email, youtube, share videos etc without being affected by the small minority Actually, I had to throttle my own P2P traffic for online-gaming to work well. This may be less about the bandwidth used and more about reducing support requests because said gaming does not work well if you have unthrottled P2P running. Personally, I restrict my P2P to 20% of bought bandwidth, and that works very well with DOCSIS 3.0- access. P2P and Torrenting Support. For reasons that are their own, not all VPN providers allow P2P traffic on their networks. If your connection is throttled because of torrenting, getting a VPN which does not permit such traffic doesn't solve anything. A Kill Switch. No matter how good a VPN is, disconnects happen.

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After months of ringing up and getting nothing out of it I'm taking it to the forums. Despite my contract stating I shouldn't be throttled on P2P like clockwork if I attempt to download anything via P2P, like let's say the Ubuntu ISO, it will pick up speed to then nosedive to just a few kilobits per second, this oddly enough occours over the whole network so everything connected via ethernet