My Top 10 Favorite Christmas Movies We Watch Every Year 1. A Christmas Story. This is my favorite Christmas movie. I don’t know if it because it is a throw back to simpler times or what. But I think it’s funny. My husband thinks it’s depressing, but that’s ok. To each his own. 2. Christmas with the Kranks

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Jul 15, 2020 Top 10 Best Christmas Movies That You Must Watch This Year In the following lines you will find the top 10 best Christmas movies that you must watch this year. 10 Elf. Elf is an American Christmas Comedy movie which was released in 2003. It is one of the most successful and popular Christmas movies ever. Shortly the story of this movie is about an orphanage boy who raised as an elf in the North Pole. Top 10 High-Rated Family Christmas Movies

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